Commercial & Agricultural Property

The space from which you conduct your business services is one of the main keys to your success. Crucial aspects such as internal requirements, physical surroundings and commercial considerations should all be addressed with a great deal of focus on your specific business requirements.

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It is every commercial landlord’s desire for their business tenants to be a reliable source of income throughout the year. On the other hand, developers must have the ability and knowledge to decide which property to invest in or transform, and which one is a risk.

Through our able team of experts, we provide practical assistance and professional advice in selling, buying, developing and leasing of commercial and agricultural property. With many years of experience, technical know-how, and a deep understanding of the local property market in Brecon and across Wales, our advocates and consultants are the first go-to choice for investors, business owners and developers seeking to invest in or transform their property portfolio.

Why Choose Us?

Before anyone can invest in the commercial property sector, having a broad knowledge and sound legal advice is absolutely crucial. The more equipped you are legally, the higher the chances that you will be profitable. We offer trusted legal advice, while keeping your best interests at heart. For the many years we have been in the commercial property sector, our solicitors have managed to brand themselves with great reputations; providing pragmatic advice and technical excellence. Our clients are very appreciative of these values.

Our commercial property team has a great ability to handle a large cross-section of property developments. We handle both routine and high-value transactions during property development. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in many different ways; negotiating the terms and conditions of a lease to guidance when developing a plan application. Our company culture is client-orientated; this helps us to move with you step by step, providing legal advice, regular updates and transparency in every process.

Our main focus is to develop, nurture, and sustain a solution-based working relationship with each client. Once we have identified and analysed your key business objectives, we then engage you closely to deliver clear, personalised, and balanced commercial advice.

For specialist advice and assistance for your commercial property matters, get in touch with a member of our dedicated Brecon commercial and agricultural property team today. Call 01874 625 151  or complete our online enquiry form.

What our clients say

I was very pleased with the courtesy of the ladies who attended to my requests and particularly so at the time when I had my accident – they were extremely helpful.

Paul James' support has been invaluable in effectively progressing key contractual requirements. His knowledge and expertise in contract and procurement matters is exceptional. Would not hesitate to engage Paul's services again in future should the requirement and opportunity arise.” (dated March 2017).

The reason I used Redkite is that most solicitors don’t have the area of expertise that I required.

Redkite have provided assistance through several particularly difficult issues. Their advice has been professional, thorough and specifically tailoured to the needs of our business. The staff are approachable, knowledgeable and realistic in the advice they provide.

Redkite were recommended to me and I would do the same, fantastic service.

I have to say that everyone I have come into contact with from the receptionists to the solicitors have always been excellent. The advice I have been given formally and informally has always been clear and concise which is always a weight off your mind when you are dealing with the affairs of your loved ones.

What Services Do We Offer?

Our professional team of experts provides expert advice on four services; leases, planning, developments and agricultural land.


We are dedicated to helping you break through the complex barriers involved in leasing and planning. The formalities required with commercial property lease are complex and daunting to both tenants and landlords. The leasing procedures should be executed with expert legal advice to avoid the devastating legal complications which may arise later on. We help clients to negotiate a lease to fit their circumstances. Also, we help in drafting a legally binding lease that cannot be challenged when put under scrutiny.

We pay close attention to details; the crucial elements of every lease. With that, our clients are able to comprehend the opportunities, risks and liabilities involved with their lease. During the drafting of a lease, we help you develop a lease form whose terms and conditions will foster a good relationship with the tenant. We spend a lot of time, money, and resources to ensure this objective is attained successfully. Our top five services offered under lease include:

  • Lease Drafting
  • Complex Lease Negotiation
  • Disputes Over Leases
  • Lease Assignments
  • Lease Surrenders


Our clients benefit from the services of our specialist property team, who give invaluable advice on land and business property development. We serve both established clients and upcoming landowners and estates. We use our experience and extensive knowledge gained by observing the market trends, to help you foresee and plan response strategies to any risks forecasted. Our team will meticulously lay down the development plan suited, specifically suited to your requirements.

We use expert skills and profound understanding to consistently assist clients, especially the developers, by providing sound information to make pragmatic decisions. Our clients are guided every step of the way to ensure they maximise their profits and achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) on land and commercial developments. We offer legal advice on the following areas:

  • Sale and Lease
  • Acquiring Planning Permission
  • Licensing
  • Purchase, Acquisition, and Disposal of the Land
  • Portfolio Management
  • Property Finance
  • Investment Advice


As seen from our proven track record, our clients are confident enough to let our team take control of the planning process during development. During planning, we help clients attain planning permission and also in settling things with all the planning authorities involved. Our services in planning are unmatched both at the local and national planning levels.

During planning, our team will help you to face and resolve every problem encountered. We work closely with the planning bodies involved by striking a professional relationship to resolve your issues. Also, we have a specialist counsel to help you challenge the planning authorities where need be.

For developers, it’s important to engage us before they are forced to accept the terms and conditions of the planning agreement (section 106). We offer planning advice on the following areas:

  • Planning Authority Negotiations
  • Compulsory Purchase Acquisitions
  • Listed Building Advice
  • Agreement Negotiations
  • Judicial Review Proceedings
  • Advice on Enforcement Action

Agricultural Land

We are committed to providing you with legal expertise on all matters concerning the Agricultural Industry. The rules and regulations regarding agricultural land have become more and more strict. For this reason, we have a team specialised in agricultural land laws and regulations; ensuring people in farming businesses understand their legal responsibilities and regulations.

The technicality and complexity surrounding the tenancy of farming business and agricultural holding tenancy is a real maze for tenants and landlords. Therefore, it might cost you more if you act negligently and commit yourself to agricultural land tenancy and lease without specialist advice.

Our team has gathered extensive information to help you with buying and selling land. Our long experience in the field has enabled us to predict possible challenges you may experience. Therefore, we provide expert advice on:

  • Farming Business Tenancy
  • Agricultural Holdings Tenancy
  • Equine Law
  • Selling and Buying Agricultural Land
  • Single Payment Scheme
  • Environmental Law
  • Milk Quota

For more queries and service delivery, contact our team today.

Call 01874 625 151  or complete our online enquiry form.



Who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of commercial property?


When it comes to maintenance and repairs, both the tenant and the landlord have shared responsibilities. Health and safety checks should be conducted by the tenant regularly. Also, the tenants should feel obliged to keep the property maintained to a certain standard. Structural repairs should be agreed upon between the tenant and the landlord. Unique terms underlying the agreement should be brought to attention during the signing of the lease agreement. Negotiations are allowed regarding these responsibilities before signing the agreement.

My Planning Application had been declined, what's next?


Yes. You are eligible to file a petition if your planning application has been declined. However, one should contact the local planning authority to get a valid reason for the decline, and there might even be some amendable errors. Above all, you should seek expert advice from our specialised team to help you rectify your planning proposal and re-draft it. Lastly, we can negotiate with the local planning authority on your behalf to ensure your proposal goes through.


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