Personal Injury Claims

If you are unfortunately injured, physically, emotionally or psychologically, due to someones negligence, your initial step is to claim for compensation by filing a lawsuit for personal injury. This should be done with the help of a legal expert who will advise and handle your case to the best of your interests.  Redkite Solicitors are known for our vast knowledge and experience in advising and handling personal injury cases.

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We are fully involved in helping our clients run plausible assessments. We will mutually agree upon the best action plan available to receive the appropriate claim or compensation due. Over the years, we have been successful in recovering millions of pounds on behalf of our clients. You can, therefore, rely on us for the best legal solutions on how to effectively make and recover your claim.

How Redkite Solicitors can help you

We have specialist personal injury lawyers who deal specifically with personal injury claims; from minor accidents to major life changing injuries and fatalities:

  • Fatalities and catastrophic injuries
  • Road traffic accidents including cycling accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Trips, slips and falls in public places
  • Industrial and occupational diseases
  • Medical negligence
  • Accidents involving children
  • Sports injuries
  • Defective product claims
  • Criminal injuries compensation
  • Accidents involving animals

For specialist advice and assistance for your personal injury matters, get in touch with a member of our dedicated Brecon team today.

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What our clients say

I was very pleased with the courtesy of the ladies who attended to my requests and particularly so at the time when I had my accident – they were extremely helpful.

Paul James' support has been invaluable in effectively progressing key contractual requirements. His knowledge and expertise in contract and procurement matters is exceptional. Would not hesitate to engage Paul's services again in future should the requirement and opportunity arise.” (dated March 2017).

The reason I used Redkite is that most solicitors don’t have the area of expertise that I required.

Redkite have provided assistance through several particularly difficult issues. Their advice has been professional, thorough and specifically tailoured to the needs of our business. The staff are approachable, knowledgeable and realistic in the advice they provide.

Redkite were recommended to me and I would do the same, fantastic service.

I have to say that everyone I have come into contact with from the receptionists to the solicitors have always been excellent. The advice I have been given formally and informally has always been clear and concise which is always a weight off your mind when you are dealing with the affairs of your loved ones.

Accidents at Work

Companies and employers have a legal obligation to guarantee the safety of their employees,throughout their employment period. This includes supplying relevant safety gear, adopting appropriate safety training programs, installing effective equipment controls, and implementing the correct health and safety policies for the safe handling of hazardous materials. Employers are  mandated to undertake risk assessments throughout the company, in order to minimise any possible causes of personal injury, for themselves and their staff.

However, regardless of these legal obligations to employers,  workers continue to suffer injuries from accidents at work. Such accidents include slips, falls from heights, exposure to hazardous substances, injury from defective machines, and other accidents caused due to the absence of appropriate protective gear. If you suffer such an accident at work, your employer is required, by law, to compensate you for any personal injury incurred. Most employers provide a short and strict time frame for within which, accidents at work should be logged and reported, in order to claim compensation; this is where we come in. Our team of personal injury specialists is always on standby and available to help you claim your compensation within the shortest time possible.

Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accident claims are accessible for pedestrians, drivers, passengers, cyclists, and motorcyclists. Road traffic accidents happen within many different scenarios. Every individual involved, may have grounds to make claims for financial compensation due to personal injury received as a result of an accident. Regardless of the cause of an accident, you must consider placing your case in the hands of an experienced personal injury specialist, one who is specifically acquainted with handling road accident claims. Our team of personal injury solicitors at Redkite has been successful in recovering millions of pounds of compensation for victims of personal injury, as a result of road traffic accidents.

Some of the road traffic accidents cases that we have been successful in handling include;

  • A pillion passenger injured as a result of the motorcyclist’s negligence
  • An injured passenger due to the driver’s reckless driving
  • Motorcyclist hit by a vehicle
  • Head-on collision caused by a driver’s ignorance of traffic rules
  • Pedestrian knocked over by a vehicle while crossing the road
  • A stationary car hit from behind by another car, while waiting for the ‘GO’ light to signal

Industrial Diseases

An industrial disease is an ailment that occurs as a result of work-related activities. Unfortunately, most workers, who are victims of industrial diseases, only discover this unfavorable situation, after the damage has already been done. Although employers are mandated to ensure the safety of all of their employees from hazardous substances, it is clearly evident, however, that this is not always the case.  Redkite Solicitors have handled numerous cases of industrial disease such as; Repetitive Strain Injury, hearing problems, exposure to asbestos,vibration white finger and occupational stress. As a victim of an industrial disease, the first step you need to take is to consult a personal injury specialist, one who will enable you to get the necessary treatment for your condition and the financial compensation owed to you. Our team of personal injury experts is readily available to effectively make your claim and recover all the compensation that you deserve.

Fatalities and Catastrophic Injuries

Accidents at work, road traffic accidents and other incidences of negligence can result in fatalities or catastrophic injuries. Catastrophic injuries include severe head or neck injuries or a permanent disability injury. Living with a catastrophic injury can be extremely traumatizing.  Making claims for your compensation are very realistic; they may result in helping fund your rehabilitation costs and provide care to your loved ones while you recover. Personal injury specialists at Redkite Solicitors have vast experience in providing assistance and support to victims of fatalities and catastrophic injuries. We will help you beyond handling your case; connecting you with rehabilitation experts to help you to live as normal a life as possible.

We are fully aware that you may not be able to walk or drive into our office. We therefore, will make an appointment with you at the place and time that best suits you, whether it be  hospital, rehabilitation centre, or  your home. We adapt to your needs. Over the years, we have been very successful in helping catastrophic cases such as;

  • Fractured or Lost Limbs
  • Amputations
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Child brain injuries
  • Effects of neurological conditions such as paralysis

Before we pursue your claim, we will gladly arrange for a free consultation with you and your family to assess and establish the likelihood of its success.

Harmful Products

The number of consumers injured by harmful products continues to grow every year. Products manufactured by big brands cause some of these injuries, many victims may feel intimidated to file lawsuits against such brands. At Redkite Solicitors, we have no hesitation when it comes to fighting for your harmful products claim. Injuries caused by harmful products that we have been pursuing include;

  • Burns from a defective sunbed
  • Skin conditions caused by sofa fabrics
  • Dental injuries caused by foreign elements in breakfast cereal
  • Eye injuries caused by an exploded food package

Immediately get in touch with our team of specialists for assistance in pursuing harmful product claims against these or any other injury caused by defective products.

Criminal Injury Claims

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) in the UK, is at the forefront of administering compensations for individuals who have been injured as a result of a criminal act. Unfortunately, many victims of crime are subsequently traumatised, some feel intimidated as to whether to pursue a criminal injury claim or not. The process of applying for redress with the CICA can be daunting, this is why you need a professional personal injury solicitor. Specialists at Redkite Solicitors will not only help you get your compensation for your criminal injury, but we will also guide you on how to bring your offender to justice.

CICA is a government-funded scheme put in place to assist victims of criminal injuries. Our team of specialists have vast experience in handling CICA claims. We have developed an effective professional capacity to represent our clients at the CICA. If you or a loved one have been a victim of a criminal injury, get in touch with us for professional help on pursuing redress for personal injury.

Accidents to Children

As a parent or guardian you are entitled to file for personal injury compensation when your child has been involved in an accident. This is regardless of whether the injury is minor or complex. Making claims for a child accident case can be an intimidating process. In many cases, parents may miss out on placing their children in a relevant rehabilitation treatment program, early enough, which may delay the child’s recovery process. At Redkite Solicitors, we have vast experience in dealing with cases revolving around accidents to children. We are here to ensure that you receive timely and adequate advice and compensation. We ensure that your child receives early rehabilitation treatment for their speedy recovery.

Injuries Caused by Animals

The rate of hospital admissions for injuries caused by animals has grown in recent years. Although common injuries are due to incidents such as dog bites and dog attacks, more cases continue to emerge with accidents caused by animals on the road and others at the zoo. In most cases, such accidents may be as a result of negligence from the owners or caretakers of the animals. Insufficient training or failure to adequately restrain the animals concerned. Regardless of the type of animal, where, and how you were injured, you may be entitled to filing for compensation for the injury incurred. Our team of solicitors has vast experience in pursuing claims around injuries caused by animals. We will assess your case and provide you with legal advice on the potential claim for compensation. Over the years, we have become a reputable institution in helping our clients recover their injury costs. Get in touch with us for legal advice and to initiate the process of claiming for compensation.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips and falls. These incidents can lead to minor injuries such as bruises and cuts or significant injuries that could see your life turned around. These occurrences could be a result of a person’s or an organisation’s negligence in the form of failure to cordon off a pothole, place ‘Wet Floor’ cones, poor matting, misplaced objects on the floor and such like. If you have tripped or slipped in a public place or your place of work, as a result of such a form of negligence, then you may be entitled to claim for compensation. This may include the injury costs as well as the wages lost for not working due to the injuries. Our Slips, Trips, and Falls solicitors will assess your situation, establish the likelihood of a successful compensation, and help you pursue your claim for  appropriate compensation.

Medical Negligence

The last thing that you expect when you seek medical attention is medical negligence. When you visit a hospital, you want medical specialists to treat you with care and professionalism. This is not always the case. If you or a loved one have suffered loss or injury, in the course of seeking medical attention, then you may be entitled to some form of compensation. Dealing with medical negligence is a traumatising experience, filing for compensation can be an equally daunting task. You will need to provide evidence that a medical practitioner failed in fulfilling their duties and that the injury caused was avoidable. This is why you need a Medical Negligence solicitor to help you establish the relevant evidence and pursue the compensation that you deserve. Experts at Redkite Solicitors will guide you in a no-fee, no-win claim for compensation. Get in touch with us today.

Head and Brain Injuries

The debilitating effects of a head injury can be devastating, not only to the victim but also to their family. Head and brain injury claims differ from a personal injury claim in that you will require a solicitor who is completely conversant with dealing with the complexities of head damage. Such a solicitor should have experience of handling these injuries as well as one who knows what is best for the victim and their family. This is where Redkite Solicitors come in. Our team of specialists are experienced in handling head and brain injury claims; they will provide you with the support you need to secure adequate compensation. We offer you a free consultation to help you establish your legal standing before embarking on the head injury claim process.

Child Injury Claims

Often, children get injured due to their own minor accidents. While some injuries appear to be part of a child’s life, the natural process of growing up, some may be as a result of someone’s negligence. In such cases, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Some parents shy away from filing for compensation either because they fear they might not be in a financial position to fund legal fees or because they do not understand their legal standing. As a result, most parents end up losing any possible compensation that their children deserve. At Redkite Solicitors, we have years of experience in handling child injury claims, our services are geared towards the interests of your child. You can rely on us for guidance on your legal position and the pursuit of a claim for appropriate compensation.


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