Virtual Employment Law Workshop: Managing Poor Performance

During this interactive workshop, the Employment Team will provide you with an overview of how best to manage poor performance in the workplace by analysing the differences between misconduct and poor performance, the employment law implications of ineffectively managing poor performance, and the difference between performance management and capability procedures.

We will also include some pointers around how best poor performance can be managed whilst employees work remotely.

Most employers will have faced difficulties in managing poor performance during the previous year, especially with the number of employees working remotely, having increased dramatically due to Government restrictions.

As we head into the ‘new normal’ Companies may wonder how they can effectively and pro-actively manage employee’s poor performance. Failure to pro-actively manage an employee’s poor-performance could pose a risk in terms of unfair dismissal claims which have the ability to cause long-term reputational damage and negatively affect employee relations and morale.

In this virtual workshop, we will be covering the following key topics to help you limit the risks to your Company:

  • The impact of culture on performance;
  • Differences between misconduct and performance;
  • Hints and Tips on how to effectively carry out appraisals and performance reviews;
  • Implications of failing to effectively manage employees poor performance;
  • Key differences between performance management and capability procedures;
  • How to effectively deal with poor performance whilst homeworking; and,
  • An interactive Q&A Session.

To book call or email the team today on the details listed on this event.