Commercial & Agricultural Property

The legal team here at Redkite Solicitors provides extensive legal guidance and advice on a range of issues relating to commercial and agricultural properties. Those who have business interests in commercial property, either because they rent it out to companies or operate their own company from premises, should turn to us for legal advice on use, purchase, selling and development.

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We provide the same high-quality consulting service for people who own, or plan to own, agricultural property. It is worth noting that, like commercial property, agricultural property is a very wide term that includes, for example, agriculture woods, wetlands and gardens. Likewise, commercial property may include land used for mixed purposes.

At Redkite Solicitors, we can guide you through, among other things, the often complicated laws that influence how this property can be used, acquired and developed. We are the complete legal firm to efficiently manage all the relevant specifications for commercial and agricultural land.

Feel free to talk to us about your current needs or read on to find out more about the kind of legal services we offer.