West Wales legal hub idea launched by Red Kite

4 February 2014

Law firm Red Kite is looking at establishing innovative new partnerships with smaller law firms in West Wales.

Red Kite Law is drawing up a feasibility study for a West Wales legal hub, following attempts to establish similar networks in other parts of Wales.

“Legal hub networks are a recent innovation in the legal world,” said Red Kite Law partner David Sangster.

“As a go-ahead law firm, we always like to be in the vanguard of new innovations and this legal hub network idea could provide a big plus for smaller law firms in West Wales.

“No longer will they have to risk losing clients to bigger firms outside West Wales if they are asked to do work outside their skill set.

“For example, smaller law firms can join a hub operated by Red Kite Law, refer the work they can’t do to Red Kite Law and benefit from referral fees, safe in the knowledge that the client will be returned to them with a smile!

“We are fortunate in already having good relationships with many West Wales law firms and it would make sense for us to lead the network hub and provide an alternative to other Cardiff-centric hubs which may be established. Let’s look after local people locally.”

Mr Sangster said there would be a range of benefits for West Wales legal firms in joining a network hub.

For example, a network hub could offer –

A fee share arrangement for referrals of relevant work (backed by a non poaching “keep it local” agreement).

Access to a larger buying group with an improved offering of local suppliers.

Access to a programme of Continual Professional Development (CPD seminars).

Access to state-of-the-art ‘back office’ and support.

Mr Sangster said a West Wales legal network hub would be free to join and firms would be asked about the type of support they would find most useful.

He added that Red Kite Law team members would be canvassing opinions in the West Wales legal world very shortly.

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