Commercial & Agricultural Property

As a business, the space you choose to operate from is key to your success. From the practical, internal requirements to the commercial considerations, there is a lot to think about when it comes to choosing your premises.

As a commercial landlord, you need to know that your business tenants will provide a reliable stream of income. Developers on the other hand must be able to decide whether or not the property is worth transforming, and whether the investment will bring a return.

At Redkite Solicitors, we offer the expert advice and practical assistance of our dedicated team through the buying, selling, leasing or developing of commercial property. With vast experience, technical expertise and a deep understanding of the local property market, our solicitors are the first choice for businesses, investors and developers alike.

Why choose Redkite Solicitors for commercial property?

For anyone involved in purchasing, selling or leasing commercial property either as an owner, occupier, investor or developer, sound legal advice is crucial because profitably relies on it. Choosing a solicitor you can trust to keep your best interests at heart is key because none of these decisions should be made lightly. Over the years, our commercial property solicitors have built a reputation for our technical excellence and pragmatic advice which adds value to our clients’ business dealings.

From routine transactions to high-value developments, our multi-skilled commercial property team has vast experience handling a large cross-section of work. So, whether you simply need assistance negotiating the terms of your lease, or you require legal guidance through a planning application, you can rely on Redkite Solicitors to help you achieve your goals. Our promise to you is to be there every step of the way, providing you with regular updates on your case in a straightforward, jargon-free way.

As a homegrown firm with roots in the local community, our commercial property solicitors offer in-depth knowledge of the local property market; allowing you to gain invaluable information on where is best to invest or lease a business property. From small owner-managed businesses to large private and public bodies as well as property developers, our focus is on building close individual working relationships with our clients. By recognising your key objectives, we can deliver balanced, clear commercial advice and truly personal service.

How can our commercial property solicitors help you?

Our dedicated team of commercial property experts can advise you on  the following services:

  • Leases: negotiating and drafting
  • Developments
  • Planning
  • Agricultural land

Our approachable and friendly team are available to meet you in one of our conveniently located offices throughout Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Cardiff and are always happy to meet onsite to gain a deeper understanding of your business.

Commercial Property FAQ

Who is responsible for repairing and maintaining commercial property?

When leasing commercial property, both the landlord and the tenant will have certain responsibilities. For example, it is essential for the business tenant to conduct regular health and safety checks i.e. on gas and electrical equipment to ensure the premises are safe to operate from. In terms of maintenance and repairs, most commercial landlords will designate responsibility to their tenant to keep the property maintained to a certain standard, while agreeing to handle any structural repairs needed.  This may not always be the case however, and the terms of your unique commercial lease should  specify who is responsible for maintenance and repairs to the property. When entering into a commercial lease, this is something which should  always be negotiated with the landlord.

Can I appeal against decisions on planning permission?

If your planning application has been refused, you will still have the opportunity to appeal the decision. , Before lodging  an appeal however, it is  a good idea to speak to the local planning authority to find out which aspect of your application warranted its refusal, and whether or not any areas could be amended to gain planning permission. We also recommend you seek specialist legal advice from a member of our team to help you appeal the decision, as we will be able to assess your position and help you to re-draft your proposal. Working with local planning consultants (and if necessary, specialist planning counsel) we can help you challenge decisions taken by the local planning authority, as well as  negotiate the terms of a planning agreement after it’s been accepted.

For specialist advice and assistance through your commercial property matters, get in touch with a member of our dedicated team today.

We received excellent service from the whole team at Redkite and would highly recommend them to others. Lucy's knowledge of LTT was particularly welcomed and we are so grateful for all your teams hard work.