Dispute Resolution

Disputes can often cause a huge amount of stress and pain while all involved can waste vast amounts of time and effort to resolve the issue. If you or your family is experiencing a dispute with friends or neighbours, or you have a dispute with your landlord or a particular company, then we have the expertise you need.

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At Redkite Solicitors in Bridgend, we can handle your legal dispute with efficiency and in a cost-effective way. We aim to diffuse the situation and can help to avoid court proceedings. With our experience, we can help to resolve your situation.

Why We Can Handle Your Dispute

Our aim is to ensure we find a solution that works for all parties. We have worked on a range of disputes which means we have the experience and remedies to negotiate on your behalf efficiently and effectively.

We will learn all about your dispute and once we are confident that we have all the necessary information, we will provide advice on the next steps. We might suggest an ADR (also known Alternative Dispute Resolution) and this can cover a range of methods such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration and conciliation. This will help all parties to agree on a satisfactory outcome in a calm and relaxed environment.

In some cases, court proceedings are unavoidable, but we can ensure that you are armed with legal argument and reason that will help you achieve the outcome you require.

Whatever the dispute get in touch with us for professional, specialist advice. Contact our Bridgend office for more information on 01656 661115 or use our online enquiry form.

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