Civil Partnership Dissolution

Terminating a Civil Partnership

As with marriage, a civil partnership can be terminated on the grounds of nullity or by either party making an application for the partnership to be dissolved, a legal separation order or upon the death of one of the parties.

Providing the civil partnership has been in existence for a period of one year or more, an application can be made to dissolve it on the grounds that it has irretrievably broken down.

Specialist Advice on Civil Partnership Dissolution

We have specialists in this very specific area of law who will handle every aspect of your civil partnership dissolution sympathetically and professionally. This is a relatively new area of law, but one in which we are already making a name as experts in the field.

We can advise civil partners on:

  • Financial arrangements and court applications on dissolution
  • Pension and asset splitting
  • Children issues such as contact
  • Civil Partnership Agreements
  • Civil Partner Wills