Road Traffic Accidents

Making a Claim after a Road Traffic Accident

Whether you were the driver or passenger; a pedestrian, or a cyclist or a motorcyclist involved in a road traffic accident, you may have grounds for a claim and it’s vital you place your case in the hands of an expert with specific experience in pursuing road traffic accident claims.

We have successfully recovered compensation for thousands of people injured as a result of road traffic accidents.

Achieving Compensation for Every Aspect of your Claim

From minor whiplash injuries to very serious head or spinal cord injuries, our expertise will ensure you are compensated for every aspect of your losses. If you are prevented from working or enjoying your everyday hobbies, require care or medical treatment to speed your recovery or are unable to look after your family and require assistance as a result, we will make sure you are adequately compensated for every aspect.

Examples of road traffic accident claims where we have successfully recovered compensation for injured parties include:

  • Car hit from behind when stationary at traffic lights/waiting to execute right hand turn.
  • Pedestrian hit by a vehicle whilst crossing the road.
  • Cyclist knocked off bicycle by vehicle.
  • Motorcyclist injured when knocked off motorcycle by driver of a vehicle who failed to notice him.
  • Claim for passengers injured as a result of driver disobeying traffic signals and colliding with another vehicle.
  • Passengers injured by driver carrying out unsafe overtaking manoeuvre.
  • Motorway accident, driver hit another vehicle coming off slip road.
  • Claim on behalf of a pillion passenger injured through motorcyclist’s negligent driving

Case Study – Peter Williams

Peter Williams had a strong passion for cycling and always took precautions to keep himself safe on the road. He never imagined he would get injured, until one day when he was hit from behind by a car, an accident which changed his and his family’s life forever.

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