Commercial Disputes

Disputes in business are an unfortunate reality; however, the longer they go unresolved the more time consuming and costly they can become. With time spent trying to secure the right outcome, your commercial goals can get left behind with both profitability and growth suffering as a result.

If your business is facing a dispute, you need a legal team who will act swiftly and proactively so the issue can be concluded as quickly and cost effectively as possible: that’s where we come in.

Why choose Redkite Solicitors to resolve a commercial dispute?

At Redkite Solicitors, we have the best interests of our clients at heart and this guides how we behave. Our commercial dispute solicitors combine specialist legal knowledge with strong business acumen to mitigate the damage done to your business and protect your bottom line.

For over one hundred years we have been helping businesses throughout South & West Wales to protect their interests in the face of disputes. From contract and commercial claims to property litigation, our expertise is wide-ranging and our ability to resolve issues efficiently is second to none. Our commercial dispute solicitors understand the urgency of resolution, so we actively promote solutions and encourage cooperation to prevent a conflict from escalating if possible.

We recognise that each business is unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to every commercial dispute, and the challenges you face will differ greatly from those of another company. That’s why we place great importance on building strong relationships with our commercial clients. Getting to know your business and how you operate enables us to provide tailored solutions to your specific problems.

If we can avoid court proceedings to save disruption and expense, we will. Alternative Dispute Resolution will also be on the agenda if suitable. Mediation, Arbitration, and expert determination are all areas in which our commercial dispute solicitors have exceptional skill and experience. If court proceedings are necessary, however, we will fight your case with focus and determination to secure an outcome that reflects your requirements.

Our priority is to protect your interests at every stage and resolve your dispute with minimal fuss; allowing you to put your focus back into your business as soon as possible.

How can Redkite Solicitors help you?

Our specialist business dispute solicitors can advise and assist you on the following:

  •   contract and commercial claims
  •   debt recovery and insolvency
  •   director, shareholder, and partnership disputes
  •   property litigation
  •   professional negligence
  •   public law
  •   alternative dispute resolution

Commercial Dispute FAQ

How can I resolve a contract dispute?

Contractual disputes can arise in many areas of a business: it could be between a director and a shareholder, a firm and their supplier, or even between an employer and their employee. These disputes generally happen when one side believes the other has breached the contract in some way, perhaps by not maintaining their side of the agreement.

As each business is unique, each dispute will vary greatly to the next. Gaining advice at an early stage will allow you to fully understand your legal position and determine the best way to bring the dispute to a swift conclusion.

Our commercial dispute solicitors actively encourage resolution in a time-saving and cost effective way. Using techniques of Alternative Dispute Resolution (often referred to as ‘ADR’), such as mediation or arbitration, will allow both you and the other party to settle the matter outside of court if possible; but does depend on both side’s ability to cooperate.

If ADR is unsuccessful, or if it is clear that one party is failing to cooperate, our specialist legal team will be on hand to provide strategic advice and skillful representation throughout court proceedings to secure an outcome that reflects your requirements.

How can I recover debt from a customer?

When a customer is failing to pay for a product or service you have delivered to them, it can be both time consuming and stressful trying to secure the payment without alienating your customer for good. A good cash flow system is essential to the success of any business, however, so ensuring you get paid on time is a necessary step in the continuing success of your business. When you instruct one of our debt recovery specialists, we will pursue the payment tactfully but firmly on your behalf to ensure as much of the debt as possible is recovered.

The first step is to write a formal letter to the debtor requesting that payment be made by a certain date, alerting the other party that, if this date is not met, further legal action will be taken.

If your debtor refuses to pay due to a disagreement about the quality of product or service you delivered, our commercial dispute solicitors will work with you to resolve matters as swiftly as possible and with minimal fuss, ensuring your interests are protected throughout and a fair outcome is achieved.

For expert advice and representation through business disputes, get in touch with our specialist team of commercial dispute solicitors today.