Specialist Adoption Advice

There are many children who now live within step-families and step parents may feel they want to fully integrate their step child into the new family unit.

Step parent adoption might be an appropriate option but, following changes to the law in recent years, there are also other options which we can use our long term experience to advise on so the best route is taken.

Special Guardianship, for example, gives parental responsibility but does not extinguish the child’s relationship with the natural parent in the way that adoption does. If when we get to know your situation we find this is the best course of action, we’ll let you know.

Attending to Sensitive Issues

Children are sometimes adopted from the care of Social Services. These cases involve sensitive and emotional issues which we will guide you through.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Step parent adoption
  • Special Guardianship advice
  • Social Services adoptions
  • Adoptive parents advice