Termination and Tribunals

Avoiding costly employment termination pitfalls

Terminating the employment of a member of staff, or making bulk redundancies, can have damaging and costly consequences if not done correctly. Avoid risk and damage to your business by following our experts’ advice:

  • Redundancies, restructures and contract variations

    Avoid the many pitfalls and maximise the benefits. We will make the process straightforward by providing step by step guidance, advice, scripts and template letters to guide you through the process to completion.

  • Mediation

    Assisting you and your employee by clarifying options for resolving differences or disputes, either in the workplace or after termination.

  • Dismissals

    We have significant experience in guiding employers through the dismissal process and provide training to managers with responsibility for making these decisions.

  • Settlement Agreements

    Helping you negotiate suitable termination arrangements through suitably worded settlement agreements, quickly and effectively.

  • Tribunals

    We have vast experience in defending employment tribunal claims. Supporting you at every stage, preparing your defence and representing you at the tribunal hearing are all covered. We can also offer Employment Protection Insurance which would cover you against legal costs and tribunal awards. Irrespective of how any claim is funded, you will still benefit from our commercially focused and sensitive advice.