Debt Recovery for Businesses

Debt Recovery: Getting what you are Owed

If your business is facing cash flow issues caused by a string of bad debtors, you can probably think of little else.

The fact is, you are entitled to be paid for the products or services you’ve supplied. If your efforts in debt recovery have become futile, our specialists can help.

An Extension to your Credit Control Department

Many of our clients consider us an extension of their credit control departments, appreciating our true understanding of the pressures, targets and deadlines they face.

Court proceedings can be costly and that’s why we employ other tried and tested debt collection methods wherever possible.  If Court proceedings are required however, we have the experience and expertise to get the best possible result and enforce any judgement quickly and effectively.

We can help with :

  • Ongoing credit control support
  • Ad-hoc debt collection projects
  • Drafting letters before action
  • Advising on debt collection rights
  • Court proceedings
  • Enforcing judgements

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