Tailored employment law advice for directors

Our team of employment law specialists have significant experience in dealing with the very specific issues surrounding the appointment, employment and dismissal of directors.

Our Services include:

  • Appointment

    Guiding directors through the appointment procedure and important regulatory issues.

  • Directors’ service agreements

    The service agreement will usually address most of the principal terms of the director’s employment. We can advise directors on the terms set out in their service agreements or draft the service agreement in accordance with the company’s constitution.

  • Removal of directors

    If you are resigning from your directorship we can advise you on the process. We can also advise on appropriate indemnities from the remaining directors for ongoing liability.

  • Compensation payments to directors for loss of office

    Negotiating commercial settlement packages for directors on termination is an area of specific expertise. On termination, we advise on compensation for lost benefits such as permanent health insurance, death in service, bonus/commission/share option benefits, executive incentive plans and pension entitlements.

  • Employment tribunal Claims

    Support and expert legal guidance during any employment tribunal claim throughout the period of directorship or on its termination is offered by our specialists. We provide advice on issuing a claim and see the claim through to its conclusion.

Directors are offered a free, no-obligation initial discussion on any of the above with one of our experienced employment solicitors with specific expertise in director matters.

We offer a free initial telephone discussion which carries no obligation if you would like to discuss any issues.