Social Services Involvement with Families

Expert Advice on Local Authority Orders

Where social services have concerns about the care given to a child by its parents, the Local Authority can take a number of steps, including the issue of court proceedings.

The court has power to make a variety of orders depending on the circumstances of the case. Local Authorities sometimes seek a care order to share parental responsibility for a child.

The court will usually require a full assessment of the parents’ ability to care for the child before making any final order. Furthermore, a Guardian will be appointed to represent the child’s interests and there may be further expert involvement depending upon the circumstances of the case.

Side by Side Guidance

Our team will use its long term experience and specific expertise to guide and advise you through this difficult and often emotional process, working closely by your side and in your family’s best interests at all times.

Public Funding (Legal Aid) is available to all parents and those with parental responsibility regardless of their means and the merit of their case.

Our legal specialists can help with:

  • Court representation over Care Proceedings
  • Applications to discharge Care Orders
  • Applications for contact with children in care