Accidents to Children

Claiming Compensation for Accidents Involving Children

If your child is injured in an accident, whether the injuries sustained are minor or serious, as a parent you will be intent on proving liability, achieving justice and claiming any compensation due.

You will want to make sure other parents don’t have to experience what you’ve been through, and that any care your child needs to aid their recovery is adequately covered financially.

Aiding Recovery with Timely Financial Help

We have particular expertise in dealing with children’s claims and ensuring not only that they receive adequate compensation for their injuries, but that they have early access to any rehabilitation treatment necessary to assist their recovery. In many cases we are able to secure vitally important interim payments that can make all the difference.

We’ve been providing specialist assistance with child related accidents for many years and this includes:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Immediate, ongoing and future medical treatment and therapy costs
  • Parents’ out of pocket expenses
  • Compensation to parents where significant care and assistance has been provided as a result of their injury