Wills Solicitors

Having a valid Will in place is essential if you want the things you have worked so hard for all of your life to go to the right people after you die. Despite this, more than half of the adult population of the UK still doesn’t have a Will.

At Redkite Solicitors, we believe that a Will is something you create during your lifetime to make things easier for your loved ones after you’re gone. That’s why, each day, our specialist solicitors help people from all walks of life to protect their interests and ensure provisions are made for their loved ones, no matter what the future holds.

Why choose Redkite Solicitors for Wills?

Your Will guides the people you leave behind on your wishes and desires for money, jewelry, property and so much more so, what you choose to include in your Will and how you express it, will determine how your estate is distributed after your death.

For a Will to be effective, it should be written by an experienced specialist who has taken the time to get to know you and your individual circumstances and wishes, and therefore achieves a good understanding of your particular situation. That’s why, when you instruct one of our dedicated team, our aim is to build a strong working relationship with you, allowing us to provide expert advice that is tailored to your unique requirements and objectives.

We understand that drafting a Will may seem daunting; and perhaps a task you’ve been putting off, but the sooner your interests are protected, the better. You never know what is around the corner and if you don’t have a Will and you die, your estate may not go where you want it to. Even your children may not be cared for by the person you would have chosen, all because you have not made your wishes plain during your lifetime.

We believe writing a Will should be seen in the same light as getting house insurance. You wouldn’t risk your house burning down without being protected against it; why risk your family being left in a potentially difficult situation if something were to happen to you. The creation of a Will is a positive step in providing security for your family in the future.

From our initial appointment through to the signing of your Will, our team are with you, every step of the way, to advise you in how best to pass on your estate in accordance with your wishes.

If you need advice on setting up a trust to minimise inheritance tax which may be due on your estate, our experts can talk you through your options; explaining everything in plain, jargon-free English or Welsh.

With offices in central locations across Cardiff, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire, you can always drop in for advice if your circumstances change. If that doesn’t suit you, let us know. Our team members are more than happy to come visit you at home, in care, in hospital, wherever is best suited to you.

Our job is simple: to help you take care of the things that matter to you so, when it comes to protecting your family and your assets, we are here for you.

How can our wills solicitors help you?

We will thoroughly explore all the aspects that form an important part of a will, including:

  • appointing guardians
  • redirecting assets legitimately to avoid long term care fees
  • inheritance tax planning
  • protecting assets from the risk of remarriage, bankruptcy or divorce of your children
  • trusts for children with a disability
  • creating trusts to delay children from inheriting from 18 to 21 or 25 years
  • appointing suitably independent executors in your will where there is a potential for disagreement

For more information on how to write a Will and for specialist advice on what to include, get in touch with our expert Wills solicitors.