MBOs and MBIs

Management Buy Outs and Buy Ins: Expertly Handled

Whether you are a management team looking to buy into a business, or a shareholder looking to sell, our skill and experience will guide you through the process to a successful deal that works for all parties involved.

Our expertise covers:


If the owners (the existing shareholders) of a business want to sell, the existing management are often the people in the best position to buy them out and take the business forward. They are generally in a strong position to value it and decide if it is worth buying, and subsequently run it.


If a business is under-performing due to bad management, a management buy-in may be the solution. This is the purchase of a business by new shareholders who include new management.

Full Commercial Understanding

We fully understand the debt and equity funding structures of this type of deal, the level of financial commitment expected of management and the importance of the ongoing relationship with funders. Our commercial experience combines with legal expertise to deliver a unique level of advice.