Employment Law Advice for Employees & Directors

When the relationship between employer and employee breaks down and your income and future is under threat it’s time to talk to a solicitor. Redkite’s employment law solicitors are here to provide a sympathetic ear and, more importantly, to explain your rights as an employee and to fight your corner.

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As an employee, assuming you have been employed for the necessary qualifying periods, you do have numerous rights and we are here to ensure those rights are protected. If you have any concerns about how you are being treated in relation to the termination of your employment, either through redundancy or dismissal, talk to us. If the reason for dismissal is unfair or discriminatory, or the procedure for dismissal is incorrect, you may have a claim for unfair dismissal and/or discrimination.

If you feel bullied, harassed or are being discriminated against in the workplace then talk to us. We can help to protect your employment, or alternatively if you wish to leave then we can help negotiate a suitable financial exit package for you. You may have left your employment already because the impact of your treatment was too much to bear. In this situation we can claim constructive dismissal and negotiate a financial settlement with your former employer. In the workplace today no one should be a victim; employers have a duty to protect their employees and when they fail to do so they are obliged to compensate them.

Whatever your employment law problem, contact us for an initial conversation. When we understand your circumstances, we can tell you if we can help. Where possible, we provide fixed fees, and you are advised in advance of the costs to assist you in weighing up the commercial value of the claim.

Employees and directors may be covered for legal expenses with their household insurers.  If so, we will liaise with your insurers to act on your behalf so that you can be safe in the knowledge that a local and trusted team will be on hand to protect your employment law rights.

For employment law advice contact our Bridgend office on 01656 661115 or use our online enquiry form.

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