Owen Lake

My journey into personal injury law began immediately after university, where I discovered my fervour for this area of law. I dedicated two years originally at a reputable firm in Cardiff, Wales. This experience allowed me to develop a keen understanding of the intricacies involved in seeking justice for injury victims.

I’ve had the privilege of spending three years in the heart of Switzerland’s financial industry, honing my skills in a global context. This international experience has granted me a unique perspective in handling personal injury cases.

I pride myself on being an attentive and compassionate. My clients can expect a listening ear and a tireless advocate in their corner.

I understand the intricacies of the legal system, value client relationships, and have developed knowledge and understanding of the processes of personal injury cases. I’m very competitive and passionate about seeing things through.

I’m an avid sports enthusiast. Whether it’s rugby, football, or surfing along the Welsh coastline, I’m always up for the next sporting event. My passion for sports mirrors my passion for my career – a relentless pursuit of excellence.