Vicki Withycombe

After working in Solicitors offices since 1990, I joined the Dispute Resolution Team at Redkite (then the predecessor firm of Lowless & Lowless) in 2004.

My role predominantly comprises of supporting the solicitors and legal advisors within the team, but I am also often a first contact for dispute related enquiries in the West Wales area when clients make that initial telephone call seeking advice.

As I have a combined role of administrator/assistant I speak to the people who come to us with a problem and, whilst their case is run by one of the Solicitors or Legal Advisors within the team, I am also often involved in the matter from commencement to conclusion in various ways.

Types of enquiries I assist with initially can be for anything from:-

  • consumer problems to property issues,
  • building disputes to commercial debts,
  • partnership disputes to small claims,
  • landlord and tenant problems,
  • contentious probate, and
  • professional negligence

Clients very often speak to me to explain their situation or problem as these matters can often be emotive or upsetting. I listen in the first instance before ascertaining where to direct them, ensuring every client receives advice and assistance from the most appropriate lawyer within our team.

Outside of work I enjoy cars and motor-sport, cooking and baking, art, wines, eating out, reading, photography, writing and travel when I can.