HR Network Gloucestershire: Imposter Syndrome and Employee Engagement

Join us for the inaugural HR Network Gloucestershire, a networking group aimed exclusively at anyone in the Gloucestershire area who works in Human Resources.

The theme of our event is Burnout and Imposter Syndrome – both of which have been hot button topics in recent years.

We’ll be looking at how we can retain and re-engage talent who are sliding into ‘quiet quitting’, or even heading for resignation.

This afternoon event will help you to understand what may be going on with staff who may be struggling. Providing you with pragmatic, quickly implementable tools and resources to help you tackle those issues, improve culture and team morale, leading to lower staff turnover costs, sustainable productivity and rising profitability.

The session will cover;

· What imposter syndrome really is, coupled with burnout and how to identify when these issues may be involved

· The financial context, annual cost to employers – and the hidden cost inhibiting your profitability

· The three secret weapons at your disposal, how they link and create real improvement

· A framework for identifying imposter syndrome issues and implementing effective change for all

Session Speaker, Leah Steele

Delivered by Leah Steele, a Bristol-based coach, mentor and trainer focused on issues of burnout, resilience, imposter syndrome and stress she helps brilliant professionals do their much-needed work in a more sustainable, less exhausting and more fulfilling way.

It’s also a great opportunity to network with likeminded professionals over a cup of tea and a cake so book your place now!