Court of Protection Solicitors Dursley

Redkite Solicitors in Dursley is a network of legal  professionals with many years of experience. We help people handle issues they can’t do on their own, like education, finance & properties, welfare. We work on behalf of someone who lacks intellectual ability, as a Deputy. In addition, we also support the family and friends in gaining the right to handle the same on behalf of their relatives.

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How does it work?

It begins when one is mentally incapable of carrying out their duties and responsibilities,referred to as ‘mental capacity’. A parent or a loved one has to go to Court to deal with such matters. The Court of Protection, therefore, appoints a Deputy to take over the individual concerned’s affairs. The named Deputy is responsible for assuming the duties of those affected with regard to the management of their health, finances, health, and property.

Choosing someone to look after a loved one is a big decision. Ideally, the person should make decisions about an individual’s most important aspects of life, including finances and well-being. Gaining legal advice from a trusted source and an experienced solicitor is therefore necessary. Our company is both respectable and acquitted with the experience and expertise required to help you through this legal affair. We listen to you and devote all of our time to ensure that you are happy and that all of your questions are answered.

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