Equity and Finance

Expert Steering Through Equity and Finance

Whether you are a lender, borrower or investor, our experts will partner with you so you can rest assured everything you do falls within legal compliance.

From advising on private equity and debt finance, to helping raise capital for growth and development, we’re at your side delivering the advice you need to realise your goals.

Our expertise covers:

Cash Flow Management

Where cash-flow is an issue, initiatives such as invoice discounting, hire purchase and leasing arrangements may help.

Commercial Lending

Borrowing for business often calls for lengthy and complicated facility and security documents. We make easy work of them for our clients, steering through the funding process from application to drawdown.

Investment Advice

Investors and lenders, from ‘business angels’ to private equity funds and banks, benefit from our advice which will ensure their loan or investment is properly protected and secured.

In our experience, the key is to strike a balance between the freedom of the business to operate without undue constraint and the need for the lender or investor to maintain sufficient control over its borrowing or investment.