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Business disputes are, unfortunately, an unavoidable part of business; the longer they remain unresolved, the more time-consuming and expensive they can become. Once productivity and results start to suffer, a company’s strategic goals can become incredibly difficult to achieve. If your company is involved in a conflict, you need an experienced legal team to take immediate action, to fix the problem as soon as possible. Redkite specialist solicitors are here to help.

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Why Redkite Solicitors Should be Your Trusted Commercial Dispute Resolution Partners

We have been helping businesses across Wales and England for more than 100 years, protecting their interests from conflict. Our expertise ranges from the recovery of unpaid debts to legal action against customers who failed to perform, resulting in damages to the business.

Our dedicated team of solicitors has a wide variety of expertise, from public law, corporate disputes, debt settlement, property litigation, and much more. Our years of experience means that we have dealt, most certainly, with a situation that is very similar to yours and that knowledge is crucial in seeking an appropriate solution to a dispute.

We are acutely aware that each company is unique and we appreciate the need to build and maintain strong and close relationships with our clients, helping us understand your company better. Differences in management, business culture, priorities and problems are among the variables considered, in determining the best direction towards the solution. While there is no one solution to any commercial dispute, understanding how your company works will help us build solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our approach to your conflict is critical in trying to reduce both risk and inconvenience to you and your business. Alternate dispute resolution, where appropriate, is a strategy that we can explore. Though court proceedings are unavoidable, we will battle your case with determination on your behalf, to achieve the best result possible.

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