Coronavirus Employment & HR Support Package

Our Award winning Employment Law Team recognise that these are unique and challenging times for even the most seasoned employers and businesses. We have therefore made the decision to extend our Coronavirus Employment and HR Support Package to continue to help businesses navigate their way through these unprecedented times.

There is no doubt that businesses are continuing to face HR and Employment Law related challenges including through the implementation of new restrictions and lockdowns. This package service is of a three month fixed term duration, providing guidance and support to employers on such aspects as: meeting health and safety requirements from an employment law perspective; advising on changes to contractual terms; assisting with redundancy processes; general consultation requirements and in particular the new government Job Support Schemes.

This package gives businesses access to practical and pragmatic legal and HR support including a telephone advice line, email advice service, and a wide range of tailored documentation and scripts to assist with each step as we all move together into the post-coronavirus economy.

Our Team is well known for providing a variety of long term, comprehensive Employment and HR Support packages, which usually prove to be a more cost effective solution for businesses; however, we understand that some businesses require only short term assistance to move through this transition period.

Please note that this package is available for a limited time only to reflect the needs of businesses in this unusual time.

If you are interested in obtaining a fixed fee quote for this package, or have any further queries, please contact the employment team on