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Business disputes are an unfortunate part of business;  however the longer they go on without being resolved, the more time consuming and expensive they can become. When efficiency and performance start to suffer, the commercial goals of your business can often become increasingly difficult to meet. If your business encounters a conflict, our legal team at Redkite is here to take immediate action on your behalf to quickly resolve the problem in the most efficient way possible.

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For more than 100 years we have helped businesses from all over Wales and England in protecting their rights against conflicts. Our specialist knowledge ranges from reclaiming unpaid debts to Court proceedings against a customer who has failed to deliver, which results in losses for your business.

Our commercial dispute experts recognise the importance of mediation and actively encourage cooperation and compromise solutions to minimise the risk of conflict whenever possible.

Our dedicated team of solicitors have a wide range of expertise; from public law, commercial claims, debt recovery to property litigation and many more. Our years of experience mean we have most likely dealt with a case very similar to yours and this knowledge is invaluable when seeking a resolution to a dispute.

Since every business is unique, we recognise the need to develop and maintain close relationships with our clients which helps us understand your business in greater depth. Differences in management, business culture, goals and challenges are among some of the factors considered in order to identify the best resolution path. While for any commercial dispute there is no single solution, learning how your business works enables us to develop solutions tailored to your specific needs.

The minimisation of both risk and inconvenience for you and the business is key to our approach to your dispute. When applicable, alternative dispute resolution is a strategy we may explore. Mediation and arbitration are aspects our commercial dispute solicitors have exceptional knowledge and experience in. When court proceedings are unavoidable, we will fight your case with drive and determination to deliver on your behalf the best possible result.