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Business conflicts are an inevitable part of life; the longer they go unresolved, the more time-consuming and expensive they become. Once efficiency and performance begin to suffer, the strategic priorities of your business can become extremely difficult to achieve.

If your business is in conflict then it is imperative that a legal team is contacted; to take immediate action and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

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Why Redkite Solicitors Should be Your Trusted Commercial Dispute Resolution Partners?

For more than 100 years, we have supported businesses across Wales and England to protect their rights from conflicts. Our experience extends from recovering unpaid debts to court proceedings against a client who has failed to deliver. We have vast specialist experience.

Our commercial dispute specialists understand the importance of mediation and actively encourage cooperation and compromise approaches to minimise the risk of confrontation wherever necessary.

Our devoted team of solicitors have a wide range of experience, from public law, commercial disputes, debt recovery, property cases and much more. Our years of experience means that we have most certainly worked with a situation that is very similar to yours; that knowledge is vitally important when it comes to finding a solution to a conflict.

Since every business is unique, we appreciate the need to build and maintain close relationships with our clients helping us understand your business more profoundly. Differences in management, business culture, objectives and unique problems are among the factors considered to identify the best solution path. While there is no one solution to any commercial conflict, knowing how your business works will help us to develop solutions suited to your specific needs.

Trying to reduce both risk and inconvenience to you and your business is crucial to our approach to your dispute. Where appropriate, alternate dispute resolution is a tactic that we may explore.  If court proceedings are inevitable, we will battle your case with commitment to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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