Court of Protection Ledbury

Redkite solicitors have a team of experts with experience in helping and supporting clients who cannot handle their overall well-being on their own; their health, safety, property and finances, on behalf of their loved ones. Illness or injury can lead to an inability to make decisions of their own. This is legally referred to as ‘mental capacity’.

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There may be a sudden loss of mental capacity, such as a head injury or a gradual loss arising due to dementia. If the mental capacity of a person is in doubt, an appeal should be filed with the Court of Protection. The Court of Protection must assess the person and decide whether he or she is able to make a specific decision; if the individual fails to do so immediately, a one-off order may be required.  Furthermore, if it is determined that the person does not have the capacity to make a multitude of decisions in the foreseeable future, a deputy will be appointed.

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