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Working through a breakup of a relationship can be one of the most challenging and painful moments in your life, not to mention the consequences it could have on the other members of your family. It goes without saying that you may be worried about how your family, investments and property plans will be impacted by a breakup, as well as the effect on any children you may have. Our Redkite solicitors are approachable, empathetic and highly professional.

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In such a challenging point in your life it is important to have an experienced family law solicitor who will work day and night to safeguard your rights and secure a fair result for all everyone involved.

Here at Redkite Solicitors Whitland, our dedicated family law department has over 100 years of experience working with a wide variety of breakdowns in marriages, legal discussions and settlements.

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Why you should choose Redkite family law solicitors?

Our widely respected legal team at Redkite Solicitors will give you not only the appropriate expert legal guidance and services you require, but also the sincere help and understanding that is required for all facets of family law, no matter how big or small the case.

What our clients say

I was very pleased with the courtesy of the ladies who attended to my requests and particularly so at the time when I had my accident – they were extremely helpful.

Paul James' support has been invaluable in effectively progressing key contractual requirements. His knowledge and expertise in contract and procurement matters is exceptional. Would not hesitate to engage Paul's services again in future should the requirement and opportunity arise.” (dated March 2017).

The reason I used Redkite is that most solicitors don’t have the area of expertise that I required.

Redkite have provided assistance through several particularly difficult issues. Their advice has been professional, thorough and specifically tailoured to the needs of our business. The staff are approachable, knowledgeable and realistic in the advice they provide.

Redkite were recommended to me and I would do the same, fantastic service.

I have to say that everyone I have come into contact with from the receptionists to the solicitors have always been excellent. The advice I have been given formally and informally has always been clear and concise which is always a weight off your mind when you are dealing with the affairs of your loved ones.

Support at a Difficult Time

Whatever series of events drives you to pursue professional counsel regarding a family matter, it’s most likely going to be a stressful experience for everyone concerned. Our solicitors provide a competent, friendly experience that is crucial in a time of doubt and worry.

The dissolution of a marriage, civil partnership or separation can be a time of great distress for everyone. We recognise that there are often budgetary issues to be addressed, and choices to be reached on childrens visitation rights.

If an irreversible breakup happens between former partners, access to family court may be the only option moving forward to ensure that your assets are kept in good order, property arrangements are addressed and the well-being of any children involved is safeguarded.

Problems can be solved by collaborative law (by mediation). This can prove to be cheaper, simpler and far less daunting for all involved; but, if no sort of compromise can be found, our professional family law specialists can take the required measures, on your behalf to guarantee the best result.

What support can our family law team offer you?

Our family law experts provide their experience in the following areas:

  • Divorce & Separation
  • Collaborative Law
  • Financial Issues
  • Adoption
  • Disputes relating to children
  • Civil Partnership dissolution
  • Domestic abuse & injunctions
  • Social services intervention
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Pre-nuptial Agreements

Although your personal circumstances may be challenging, with our comprehensive knowledge of the Court system you should be reassured that your particular case is in the hands of a qualified professional.

Redkite’s Family Law team is Law Society Accredited, and our experts will counsel you on any eligibility that you may potentially have for legal aid or other funding opportunities, along with any other financial implications from the forefront.

For further information and expert legal advice and support on any family law issue, contact a member of our team now. Call  01994 240304 or complete our online enquiry form.


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