Commercial & Agricultural Property

The legal team here at Redkite Solicitors provide extensive legal advice on a range of issues concerning commercial and agricultural properties. Anyone who has business interests in commercial property; they rent it out to enterprises or run their own company from premises, then they can turn to us for legal advice concerning usage, buying, selling and development.

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Equally, we provide exactly the same high-quality advisory service to people who own – or wish to own – an agricultural property. As with commercial property, agricultural property is a very wide term that includes farmland, forestry, waterways and land that is devoted to horticulture, for example. Equally, commercial property can include land that is designated for mixed-use purposes.

At Redkite Solicitors, we can guide you through the sometimes bewildering regulations that impact on how such land can be used, inherited and developed, among other things. In short, we are the perfect legal firm to turn to for all of your commercial and agricultural property requirements.

Feel free to discuss your current needs with us or read on to find out more about the sort of legal services we offer.

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Why Choose Redkite Solicitors for Commercial Property?

We have numerous satisfied clients who have benefited from our dedicated Redkite Solicitors team for the buying, selling, leasing and development of commercial premises. We can provide testimonials that demonstrate our extensive experience within the local commercial property market in Wales. Our legal team understands the commercial pressures that many businesses face and can, therefore, arrange contractual matters in a favourable manner.

Of course, this often comes down to understanding your business’ unique selling point (USP). Having a dedicated commercial property legal team is advantageous. You have legal professionals that are aware and familiar with your business’ operational activities, enhancing the quality of the service we provide, leading to your desired outcome. To sum it up, we are with you every step of the way.

Our legal team provides reliable advice and can ensure that we give practical guidance from a commercial point of view that is up-to-date,  accommodating the latest judgments and regulatory changes. We have fostered long-term relationships with our clients because we provide the right balance between our technical excellence in legal matters and pragmatic advice that can add value to the business’ operations. This may involve advising which location is best to invest in business property with consideration to which length of lease you should negotiate for a developing business. This is all dependent on your needs. At Redkite Solicitors, our services will be tailored to suit your particular commercial property requirements.

For expert advice call us on: 01267 239 000 or complete our online enquiry form.