Court of Protection Carmarthen

Redkite Solicitors have a specialist team, with expert experience, in helping and supporting people who are unable to do so for themselves. The inability of an individual to make their own decisions, may arise due to poor health or serious injury; legally termed ‘mental capacity’.  Our dedicated team can assist you in managing the individuals overall needs; their well being, welfare, health, property and finances, on behalf of your loved one.

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The loss of mental capacity can occur unexpectedly, such as a head injury, or gradually as with dementia. If the mental capacity of a person is in doubt then an application should be made to the Court of Protection.

The Court of Protection will assess the individual to determine if they are capable of making certain decisions; if an individual does not temporarily demonstrate this, then a one-off order can be implicated.  However, if it is decided that the person does not have the capacity to make a range of decisions, for the foreseeable future, then a Deputy will be appointed.  The Deputy will be responsible for making decisions and acting in the person’s best interests in all of their affairs.

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Redkite Solicitors can advise and act for clients on the following matters:

  • Deputy assistance and advice
  • Deputyship disputes
  • General and Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Wills and Codicils
  • Tax and Trusts
  • Personal Injury Claims (where a person has lost mental capacity through an accident.)