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When we pass away we obviously leave behind our loved ones and friends. They will naturally grieve for us. It is vitally important that you take the time to contact a solicitor to make the necessary preparations for those you love, and draw up a legally binding Will. One that clearly states; what you wish to happen to your assets, who you want your beneficiaries to be. Not leaving a Will can make an awful situation even more difficult and upsetting.


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More than half of the adult population in the UK do not have a Will. That means that in all of those cases their loved ones will be forced to spend time, and money they may not have, on sorting out their affairs after they pass away.

Some people believe that everything they own will automatically transfer to their next of kin when they die, but that is not the case!

Why choose Redkite?

At Redkite solicitors our expert Wills & Probate Team believe that a little planning goes a long way. With our dedicated support you can have peace of mind, knowing that your wishes after death will be carried out in accordance with your instructions, and that your loved ones will receive exactly what you bequeath them.

Making time to sit down with a solicitor to draft a legally binding Will is imperative. When a person passes away without having left clear instructions and arrangements, relatives have to deal with the upset of both the bereavement, as well as legal difficulties. No-one wants their loved ones grieving and having to manage uncertainty and immediate financial pressures at the same time.

We have been helping individuals write their Wills and plan for their futures for over a century. We have seen every scenario and every type of estate, from a few thousand pounds to millions of pounds, stocks, shares and extensive property portfolios. Our dedicated team have the expertise you need to write a Will which clearly sets out your wishes and is both legally binding and difficult to challenge.

The team at Redkite Solicitors Carmarthen are both professional and friendly. Our service is highly accessible. Where clients are unable to attend our offices, we can arrange to do home or hospital visits. We can advise you on:

  • Wills
  • Probate
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (both Financial and  Health & Welfare)
  • Codicils (additions to an existing Will)
  • Court of Protection Deputyship
  • Estate Administration

Talk to one of our specialist Wills and Probate solicitors who can advise you on the best way forward.

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What our clients say

I was very pleased with the courtesy of the ladies who attended to my requests and particularly so at the time when I had my accident – they were extremely helpful.

Paul James' support has been invaluable in effectively progressing key contractual requirements. His knowledge and expertise in contract and procurement matters is exceptional. Would not hesitate to engage Paul's services again in future should the requirement and opportunity arise.” (dated March 2017).

The reason I used Redkite is that most solicitors don’t have the area of expertise that I required.

Redkite have provided assistance through several particularly difficult issues. Their advice has been professional, thorough and specifically tailoured to the needs of our business. The staff are approachable, knowledgeable and realistic in the advice they provide.

Redkite were recommended to me and I would do the same, fantastic service.

I have to say that everyone I have come into contact with from the receptionists to the solicitors have always been excellent. The advice I have been given formally and informally has always been clear and concise which is always a weight off your mind when you are dealing with the affairs of your loved ones.

Why you should have a will

Quite simply, you need a valid, legally binding Will. With such a Will you can be absolutely certain that the things you have worked so hard for all your life, go to the people who have mattered to you most during your lifetime!

Redkite Solicitors dedicated team are available to provide specialist advice on Wills and Probate, tax planning and Trusts, and Lasting Powers of Attorney, to give you complete peace of mind. With arrangements in place, you can rest assured that your final wishes will be carried out exactly as you want them to be.

Everybody is unique, so it follows that each Will and estate will be individual. We ensure that our expert advice is bespoke to each person’s needs. No matter what your personal circumstances are, your individual wishes and what is best for you and your estate is of paramount importance to us.

Whether you are the head of a family business, a parent or a homeowner, or someone with substantial assets, Redkite Solicitors advice is tailored to your particular situation.

Powers of Attorney

At Redkite Solicitors Carmarthen, our dedicated team believe in planning ahead. We help clients safeguard their assets and protect their welfare in the face of old age, degenerative diseases, sudden illness and loss of mental capacity. Powers of Attorney are also often set up for people who are going to be out of the country for long periods of time, or those in the armed forces.


Our experienced team places great importance in helping our clients through life’s most challenging times. With a team of dedicated deputyship solicitors, you can gain the peace of mind that the financial affairs and general welfare of your loved one will be protected, no matter what.

For further advice and guidance call us on 01267 239 000 or complete our online enquiry form.

Wills and Probate FAQs

Does Everyone Need a Will?


Yes. A Will sets out your final wishes and makes it clear how you want any assets divided between your beneficiaries. Without a valid Will it becomes the responsibility of the state to make those decisions and the things you have worked so hard for can end up with a relative you have never met, instead of who you would have wanted to inherit your estate.
You can also set out practical instructions about funeral arrangements such as whether you wish to be cremated or buried. A Will ensures that your assets are distributed amongst family, friends or charities, as you want them to be.

What is a valid Will?


A Will is not valid unless it has been signed; however, there are certain rules about signing the Will that must be observed to ensure it is valid. One example of a rule is that a witness cannot be a beneficiary of the Will. It is vital to know these rules and adhere to them, otherwise, the whole of the Will could be found invalid or the contents challenged.


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